Daughter of Capitalism

About This Project

Daughter of capitalism is a photographic project. I made a quilt with my receipts I collected for 3 years.   Daughter of Capitalism arises from my search for my absent father through the FAT-HER research project. My dad never hugged me, but capitalism did. He welcomed me and comforted me. The need to fill the Father absence has its ups and downs of consumption (or lack of) of food and goods. If your father did not hug you, let him hug you with your purchases. The digits are added and with these the centimetre of cash register paper that I have saved with a desire to ‘do numbers’ later. Always later, and in the meantime the quilt that aspires to have a measure which consumes you with your consumption and weaves your memory.

Photograph: 5ox70 cm. Acrylic box: 75 x 55 x 10 cm

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