Catharsis Magazine

About This Project

Catharsis Magazine. Editorial Design.

The editorial design wanted to portray all the sensibility and tenderness of the theme of the magazine and the articles with high emotional content. The design is delicate, vibrant and dynamic.

The concept of catharsis goes back to the poetics of Aristotle, who defines tragedy as a purge of emotions, a purge to free and clean feelings. Catharsis refers to the Greek term katharsis or katharsis which means purge or purification. The magazine has a psychological character focuses on any “controlled” form of expression that is therapeutic and liberating. This implies the expression of emotions as a resolution, both in medical issues of art-therapy and psychiatry and in artistic creation (visual, musical, literary, etc.) whose therapeutic effect is a transformation through the purging or discharge of physiological or emotional effects of the subject.


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