Dissenyem Comerç

About This Project

“Dissenyem Comerç” is a design thinking consultancy project developed at Acid House in collaboration with Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona Activa, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Regidoria de Turisme i Indústries Creatives and Regidoria de Comerç.

From Acid House Barcelona we teamed up with Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Hall) to develop “Dissenyem Comerç”.
This consultancy project was developed through design thinking, to focus on Poblenou’s commercial area (a neighborhood in Barcelona). We developed and created strategies that help reverse the way we consume and promote the neighbourhood’s local commerce, which has been brutally hit by COVID-19’s crisis.

The goals were simple: understanding the challenge of acting local in a rising global-centered society, creating strategies that value our local areas, and explore these complex environments creatively.

Project developed with Jordi Clotet, Oriol Cabarrocas, Pamela Calero, Alvaro Canovas and Inés Piñeiro, Andrea Saito and Víctor Lemus.

The project was wrapped with “Fem un cafè, Poblenou convida”, an event to showcase eight different strategies and proposals that aim to reinforce Poblenou’s commercial area through consultancy. We worked with and invited Eix Comercial (the neighbourhood’s commercial affiliation), to see the results and contribute their thoughts.

Stay tuned for more!

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