About This Project

FAT HER. Editorial design & art research project. 96 pages.

The design of this book is articulated from a conceptual starting point. It plays with the emptying/filling of voids by means of white spaces where the eye rests and others where you see a deliberate attempt to fill the voids, to ease horror vacui. FAT HER is a project that starts from a self-image and body fat obsession which allowed me to revisit the origins of the constant  thoughts around body image. I began a similar simultaneous quest between this and another subject I had never spoken about, that of the father (as a pronoun and as a subject). The search for the father began as a detective game whose rule was to find out how correlated my obsessive history and rejection with my body would with the history of my father’s non-history. I do not have a father, I am the daughter of capitalism.

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Editorial, Visual Writing
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