Hambre de Hombre

About This Project

Hambre de Hombre.

Photographic series of 41 photographs. 

Photo Book: Digital printing on matte photo paper.  21.5 x 27.5 x 3.5 cm. 81 pages.

Hambre de Hombre (Hunger of Man) is a project about the unlearning of binaries. I grew up believing that the man was the other, like the reverse story of Simon de Beauvoir. But as the extremes are bad, this ‘education’ marked in me a very strong binary between man and woman and between the expectations of each one, where to leave became a verb that was linked to the ‘masculine’. My hunger for man, that absence that I saw as a foreign matter, was filled with the discovery that man and woman are not so different, or that each subject is composed of a mixture of both.

Editorial, Visual Writing
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