Jamboree Mural

About This Project

Pini Perrone and I worked four hands, two brains on, on the Jamboree Mural contest, and we won! You can visit the mural at Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona.

Where the idea came from

Jamboree is an iconic music concert hall and night club in Barcelona. It is a dynamic space, full of energy where different musical styles, people, and ages gather. Jamboree’s parties are for those who know and appreciate what they hear. Although the roots and pillar of the club are jazz, it is the fusion and diversity that makes this club in Barcelona so unique. We wanted to base our proposal for the mural by honoring the past but looking to the future and representing the mix of generations and musical styles that coexist in Jamboree today. Our proposal is dynamic, fun, and easy for the public to identify with it because it presents a diversity of ages, races, and bodies. Being inclusive is a contemporary movement that fortunately is increasing its boom. Diversity is wealth and this has been present in Jamboree since its beginning, as a platform and stage for local musicians and black heritage music. Because of this, we represented the enjoyment of music and dance with a limited color palette that is dynamic and warm and allowed us to play with figure and background by merging and blurring details between bodies and backgrounds to generate an atmosphere, a state of mind that shows joy and movement from afar and allows you to discover details when you are waiting closer to the bar. We wanted to create a mural that was by itself, a fun element in a fun club.



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