Me/ Moi/ Yo Exhibition Design

About This Project

Editorial design for the Me/ Moi/ Yo exhibition invitation held at Neebex Galery in Bogotá.


Exhibition Text:

Three cups of tea. Six feet in a room thinking how to name a sample of self-referential works. Teaspoons of sugar and questions about what our work has in common. Ideas around “identity”, perhaps narcissism as a starting point. We pull and push the showing, or not. We revisit our “history” as archive material.

“History is a space of constant struggle. To enter into it implies shaking and disorganizing voices, representations, and signs, in order to set in motion other relationships that allow us to understand the past in other ways […] ”
Miguel A. López & Sol Henao, 2012.

Ticking of the clock and our looks disperse. Eyes busy trying to fit three projects … brainstorming … Three voices in different tones propose the idea of ​​revision. The revision of a “story”, perhaps ‘own story’ at first, but different after the other’s gaze: questioned, rewritten.

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