Social Media Will Tear us Apart

About This Project

A series of questions for anyone who ponders about the ways we use mobile technologies today, or for anyone who doesn’t see anything odd about the way we interact with this ‘perpetual’ connection placed between our hands. From creative mind and pluri-disciplinary artist Pamela Calero comes this simple yet deep book to share how things can be done with more intention. This cheeky illustrated, full-color, handwritten book, shines light on how contemporary life allows us to connect in different ways and how we can be more mindful, using visual thinking and humor to question the paradoxes of contemporary time management and hopefully create healthier online habits. Are you up for the challenge of reading it in one sitting without looking at your phone? Social Media Will Tear Us Apart is guaranteed to make you smirk!

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ISBN : 978-84-09-19618-0

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Editorial, Illustration
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