About This Project

YoTuve is video art project which began as an investigation about the Youtube website in order to play with identity. The 15-minute video features the same autobiographical narration in 12 different languages where the framing only allows the lower part of the face of the speaker to be seen. In this narration the identity of the sender (me) is erased.  Self-publishing is consumed. From my privacy comes the need to make a video massively public. To tell stories that are irrelevant to the world, especially when a universal audience is included in this massive virtual medium. Seeking popularity not necessarily remunerated, by strangers. It is about looking for a personal union between sender and spectator through the screen. The boundaries between reality and fiction are broken because usually, no one knows who it is that they see on camera. And yet it becomes real to the extent that the video is consumed. The bits of knowledge transmitted in the videos are relocated because there is no need to quote or refer, each one is able to give their opinion. Something public is made private. The identity of who uploads videos becomes a consumable representation. A representation of the past because a video implies the recording of something that has already happened. What is consumed on YouTube is the memory of who wants to publish themselves, and the receiver who wants to witness and listen. In YoTuve, the self of Pamela Calero (who tells everything that she HAD) tells her story but does not reveal which of all the videos / languages is her’s.

*Yo Tuve in spanish means I Had and sounds very similar to how the YouTube sounds if you read it in Spanish.

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