Quarantine Books

This is a series of imaginary books I created during quarantine lockdown.


These books don’t exist but they reflect well what most of us were / are thinking during quarantine. They would’ve been great reads during confinement. Each book holds a poem in its title. I edited and illustrated the editorial design on photos taken with my iPad at home.


Nobody knows what to do during a world pandemic. It’s unknown territory.


I created the Quarantine Books as pieces of editorial design and visual poetry to express what I was thinking or feeling. They represent the books I wish I had had in hand to read and find answers for the unknown.


I made this series using the books I had in my bookshelf to photoshop the titles out, create visually pleasing photos  (with my iPad) that dialogued with the color scheme and concept. This helped exteriorise my thoughts and be calmer by remembering a lot of us were going through the same emotions.

La única piel que toco es la mía

Manual para abreviar el tiempo

I feel the fear that you feel too

How to be More at Ease with not Knowing

I can’t look at a screen anymore

Slow is the rhythm of the moment

La vida en stand by…

Your breathing is your sountrack

Máquina para regular los estados mentales

The New Space is Inner Space

How to feel two feelings at the same time