I’m Pamela Calero, a storyteller with conceptualizing expertise who translates & transforms the difficult & the complex into simple yet clever ways. I’m an artist who uses soft techniques to talk about hard topics.

Small details and big concepts make me feel alive. The mix of big and small allows me to find the best physical / visual form for an idea to potentialize its content and connect with emotions using Design Thinking to create strong narratives.

I like to defamiliarize the familiar, to perform archaeological digs on words and ideas to discover what lies beneath and in doing so, remove the negative prefix from invisible and let connections be seen.

My work revolves around conceptual-linguistic games, the relationship between life, fiction and normalcy because there is no such thing as normal.

What I like about points of view is their ability to change. In my literary-artistic-visual practice, narration is the pillar, the strategy and the result of revisions or transcriptions made to understand and question a problem and deconstruct the ‘normal’ in order to look at what lays in front with different eyes. 

My background and education (in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Masters in Philosophy and Art Theory, Photography and Editorial Design, Creative Illustration, and courses in Art Therapy), allow me to be extra playful in my Studio. 

I use lateral thinking to approach any solution with wit and am fully committed to creating and living the creative life I love as I strive to make it a total work of art (gesamtkunswerk). Why? Because art has healed me. Being healed implies being vulnerable. Everyone has recovered at certain point from something, from a paper cut to a less anatomical wound.

I was born in Cali, Colombia. I write, draw, live and create in Barcelona at the intersections of the personal and the global, the anecdotal and the conceptual




Time and Space
Group Show
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art
(CICA Museum)
Gimbo, Soth Korea

Llibres d’artista
Group Show
+ Finalist in the Premio Art Byblio Award
Biblioteca Joan Maragall
Espai Zero/Llotja

A Tus Pies
Group Show 
Fàbrica Moritz

Se Alquila / Margen
Group Show
Teatro Auditorio del Recinto Ferial
de la casa de Campo de Madrid

Happening Performance
Experimenta Málaga

Me/ Moi/ Yo
Galería Neebex
Bogotá, Colombia

Flora Arts + Natura
Bogotá, Colombia

De Cada 11
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá (MAC)
Bogotá, Colombia

Libro Árbol
Plataforma Bogotá
Bogotá, Colombia

Arqueología del dolor
Poetry Book Publication

Winner of Editorial Lectio’s
Call for Poetry Contest
Mexico DF, Mexico

First Place Winner
of the mural contest for Jamboree
Jazz Club in Barcelona.

Paper Presentation
at The Power of Language.
3rd International Conference
of English and American Studies
Shkodër, Albania

Paper Presentation
at Transverberations: Iberian Mysticism
in a Global Context.
University of Manchester

Photo Conference Presentation
Photography as a registration
tool and as a language for the un-resolved
Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc

Conference Presentation
at the second session of the Cultural Studies & Psychoanalysis Workshop: Judith Butler in Barcelona.
Instituto Universitario de Cultura de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra &
Sección Clínica de Barcelona
(Instituto del Campo Freudiano)